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  • Monday, September 16, 2019 6:41 PM | Anonymous

    Jennifer Pink's Daring Crossdressing Radio Experience

    When I decided to make Jennifer Pink (my en femme persona) a permanent part of my life I never thought she would bring me to speak out on crossdressing radio. My fem alter ego has been on quite the journey over the decades. And speaking out on the radio is another step in her journey.

    I wanted to share my experience with you and reveal some really big NEWS, so read on for all the surprising details.

    How the Connections Crossdressing Radio Show Happened

    It all began with my website admin proposing the idea of going on Connections Newsradio 93.1 WFLA. The thought was intriguing, but at the same time, a swarm of butterflies started to do a square dance in my stomach. 

    My admin set up a meeting about a month ahead of time.

    The ladies at Connections were very interested and very fascinated about straight men crossdressing. They had no idea that millions of men like to dress but also have a NEED to dress. They had a bit of a hard time wrapping their mind around the fact that most crossdressers are straight. 

    The only difference between the typical straight male and us is that we enjoy touching our feminine side vs. fearing it.

    Jennifer Pink's Fearless Radio Interview

    I guess the airline captain in me came out as far as my perspective of the situation. I could see how all the pieces of the show work together. So, the Captain prepared Jennifer to be relaxed and take the questions in stride. 

    “He” also enabled Jennifer to give honest and precise answers. I understood the gravity of the show. Many would take great stock in what I said so I felt a great responsibility.

    It was surprising to me that the hosts never dropped a "gotcha" question. Perhaps I've been watching too much politics. In the back of my mind, I was waiting to be put on the spot but that moment never came. 

    I thought the questions were good and hopefully, we were able to help a lot of people understand our culture. 

    Honestly, I was pretty amazed at how relaxed I was in the end. 

    There was one question that stands out in my mind as important. It was about CD’s being in the closet and secretive — I forget how it was asked — I wanted to be careful as I separated the CD’s from the LGBT+ communities. 

    They’ve worked so hard and fought for their rights. I commend them. 

    It would be easy to say that we, CD’s, were left behind. But I see their movement as a natural progression away and we CD's remained. We're still stuck in our own dynamics. 

    We’re similar to LGBT+ yet different in many aspects. 

    Crossdressers are the “C” letter. We remained behind by choice. We want to be part of that community, but under different circumstances.

    The crossdress community has benefited a lot and owes a lot to the LGBT+ movement because, in their endeavor, they helped us.

    The Reason Behind My Crossdressing Radio Interview

    Life has a way of ebbs and waves. I have been the beneficiary of people's kindness, and now it's my turn. That's why I wanted to do a crossdressing radio show—to help people.

    That is the ultimate goal of I also get to dress more and do it in a far more meaningful and dynamic way.

    At one time I was stuck in the closet too. I think of my heartache and know of millions that feel the same way. 

    I also have a huge need to help the ladies in our lives. For the most part, they didn’t sign on for this with their man. The man thought his crossdressing desire would go away with marriage. 

    I think of her hurt. I see so much hurt and pain by both husband and wife, two loving people torn apart by a lack of awareness, fear, and guilt. I can see and feel the tears.

    By sharing what I’ve acquired over my life I hope to help them. I don’t have all the answers. I do have a heart. 

    My heart is shared by a boy and a girl.

    I have my little window on the universe and through that, I can help. I’m a strong believer in a positive mindset. I also know that we can do way more than society wants to limit us to. 

    I cannot be the best for my lady and totally support her if I don’t do that first for me. I can only give what I am.

    How a Crossdressing Podcast Changed My Life

    I didn't realize it until I saw the podcast. I was shocked that I was watching and listening to me. What I said made a lot of sense, and I think the way I presented it would be of benefit to others. 

    Seeing the podcast made me realize that not only can I do it, but I can meaningfully do it and bring a new octave of connectivity to the crossdressing community. 

    There is nothing like this crossdressing radio. I’m not into this for the ego. The ego is something that I try to stay far away from. 

    I've been wondering, why me? Why am I in this position? I don’t consider myself being a “trailblazer.” 

    I guess these things just happen. 

    CrossDress Radio Network (CDRN) is Born

    I saw how ConnectionsNewsradio has afforded our culture a steppingstone to the next level. I want all crossdressers to make that step toward mainstream. It’s time to let the fear go and release the guilt. 

    There is no shame in being who you are and living a fuller life. It’s sad to see someone that is too afraid to touch the other half of themselves.

    I don't mean to sound so heavy, but obviously, the plight of the closeted crossdresser is important to me.

    After my Connections crossdressing radio interview, my team and I decided that this may be a successful way for me to communicate to the masses. And so, here’s that big NEWS, CrossDress Radio Network™ was born.

    The plan is to bring interesting people in the know about all aspects of CD-ing. It will be an interactive show (on Facebook) so you will be able to make a comment or ask questions in real-time. 

    I have a dry sense of humor. I like to kid around and joke. I guess you would say I like being playful. 

    Not erotic or sexual. I love the goodness of life and seek it out in those I meet. I hope to bring my love for life, and my decades of experience, to every crossdressing radio show.

    Tune in to "Free to be She! with Jennifer Sometimes"CrossDress Radio Network podcast, every Friday! at 7:00 pm EST USA! LIVE! "Like" our page to interact with us! Make comments, send emojis, ask questions! Win prizes!

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